Wondering What to DO?

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What do you do when you don’t know what to do next?

Do you take a step away from your business and make a strategic plan?

Sit for hours in front of your computer screen trying to think your way to a solution?

Call your coach and get some clarity on your next action steps?

Decide to take a few days off to “clear your head?”

You know what happens to most people?  They got immobilized. Frozen in fear. Scared to take any action because it might be the wrong action!  Confused from all the “experts” telling them what they need to do – and not being sure what’s right for them!

I’ve been in that place too. And it is NOT a comfortable place!  (And trust me, I’m REALLY OK with sitting with pain and discomfort…but this is not one of those places where I think this is a good idea!)

That kind of immobilization cost me a lot of money. And there were a lot of sleepless nights as well! A couple of years ago, I decided I was DONE with wondering…

Now I have a plan.  I can’t remember the last time I didn’t know what to do next.

You wouldn’t take a trip from Maine to Texas for your cousin Matilda’s wedding without looking at a map and creating a route or a plan to get you there.  Now you might take some side trips along the way or stay a little longer visiting Aunt Sally. When you were ready to get back on the road,  you would “correct and continue.” Recalculate the route and the number of days you need to get there. Make changes in the plan if needed.

Same thing with your business. We all need a plan to get where we’re going.

What’s your plan?



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