What's The Plan?

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Beginning when he was very young, my middle son, Ben, woke up every day when there was no school and his very first question was:

What’s the Plan??

Though it could be a little annoying at times when we just wanted to have a leisurely Saturday morning WITHOUT A PLAN, I came to appreciate the way he saw the world when I launched my first business.

That’s when I realized that the key to success was in “the plan!” I watched many entrepreneurs develop their businesses with a “flying by the seat of my pants” philosophy. And, to be honest, I tried it for awhile too! Many self employed people have experienced short term success with this way of thinking. But ultimately it doesn’t lead to the kind of balanced life and long term success so many of us crave when we start our own businesses.

As my son Ben grew up, he continued to give me lessons on “the plan.” As a 14 year old, he was ready to earn his own money. He found the only place in our neighborhood willing to give a 14 year old a “real job” and he created a plan to get one!

When he decided he wanted to go to an Ivy League college, he again – you guessed it – created a plan to get there.

And now, he’s in a career that began with a dream and for which he created a plan…as one of his job responsibilities he provides support for the NASA shuttle launches…one of his childhood dreams!

I’m grateful to Ben for all the ways he showed me that having a plan matters. And for reminders that big dreams are worth working for!

So what’s YOUR plan for your business? Do you know what to do next to fulfill your dreams? Are you ready to let go of that “flying by the seat of your pants” mentality and truly embrace the idea that you own and run a business?! And that owning and running a business requires a plan?

How much more could you accomplish with a business and life plan? Could you have more money? More time off? Feel more fulfilled in your relationships?

Think about it. And make a plan to fulfill your dreams.

I believe in you.


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