What's Keeping You From Launching Your Dreams?

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In the work I’ve been doing with coaching clients over the last few months, I’ve noticed a couple of recurring themes I’d like to share with you in this Blog.

The first is that many people do not want to articulate their Big Dream! As I’ve explored the reasons for this, a common denominator seems to be emerging and it’s this: a fear of stepping up and into who they know they can and are called to be in the world. There’s a fear that articulating their Big Dream out loud requires them to take action. There’s a fear that they’ll have to make uncomfortable decisions, that their lives will never be the same again.

The truth is you don’t have to do anything! The real power comes from just saying it out loud to someone who accepts you and your dream without judgment. The real power is in giving voice to the dream and just allowing it to be. It’s incredibly freeing to try on our dreams and see if they fit when we say them out loud. Sometimes, after getting them out of our head, we realize that there’s something that’s not quite right about what we imagined when the dream was only unspoken. Maybe the dream is too small. Or the change it requires is too big for now!

Saying it out loud gives you the opportunity to play with stepping into your dream without taking any action. Try it on for a few minutes every day and see how it fits. Stand in front of a mirror and say it out loud to yourself…how does it feel in your body? What expression is on your face when you give it a voice? Don’t worry about “how” you’ll do it or what anyone else will think. Just take the first step and allow your dream to be spoken out loud.

Before you know it, you’ll have a dream you can believe in. A dream you feel confident stepping into. A dream that will guide all your decisions in your work and personal life.

I believe in you…Imagine a world where we all lived from that “Big Dream” place!


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