What People Are Saying

I don’t know yet if I’m the right coach for you…or if you’re the right client for me…so I thought I’d share some posts from people who have worked with me for you to get a sense of who I am and what working with me might be like. I go deep fast and get to the heart of what you need to do to create the business and life you desire.

“3 weeks ago I had a clarity call with Linda Welch and my main concern was not being able to motivate myself to make follow up calls to prospects after my speaking presentations. Leads would literally sit on my desk in front of my face and rot from my lack of action. It may sound trivial, but it was deadly serious and affecting my motivation in the rest of my business because how was I supposed to make money and how was I supposed to speak and get more leads to just let rot on my desk? Linda got me clear in less then 30 minutes. Now it doesn’t matter if the prospect says yes or no, I love doing it! And that is the secret to keeping my motivation strong and letting prosperity flow from my gifts. Big hug and thanks!”

“Many thanks to Linda for her incisive listening. I’m so great-ful! I appreciate her skills and having the grace to hear without judgement. The next steps seem easier now.”

“Linda made me look at my priorities and self care and self love in particular: the need to be TRULY PRESENT to my needs; to see (acknowledge exactly where I am) So I am currently recording excerpts from the Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson, buying talking books so I have something to listen to when I have to be still and immobile for a while. I see now that self-care is the foundation of all else. Self-care creates a true opening to Spirit and that which inspires. Self care is to be found in the stillness not the hurley-burley of our fractured lives. When I feel vulnerable as I do now, its so easy to drop into the energy of the abandoned little child. Linda reminded me that we are all connected and that we all only have to ask and the spiritual support we need will be given. Thank you Linda for giving me this opportunity.”
“That woman can see right thru me. I cannot BS her!”
“I had my session with Laser Linda this afternoon. She got right down to my life long self-sabotaging pattern as a result of having been raised by narcissistic parents and continuing it throughout my very long marriage. My core issue is that I don’t trust myself and give my power over to people who don’t always have my best interests at heart. She was compassionate, understanding and her coaching expertise made me very aware of some hidden aspects of my personality that still need healing. She gave me a set of self-love, feel good, exercises to continue to build my self-esteem, and I will be happy to report in 30 days what new progress I’ve made. What I received with Linda was an answer to my prayers; clarity, hope and inspiration. I’m not allowing any more garbage into my life! Time to take out the trash!”
“Linda Welch  told me that I needed to get out and speak. I learned at a networking event that Bariatric surgery patients have a lot of issues with relationships and divorce after they lose a lot of weight. I called the coordinator for a group in South Miami and now I’m booked to speak on 2/28 to 40 people! Thank you Linda!”
“Linda Welch, you are amazing, and every time I talk with you, I come away with new insights and awarenesses!”
“Firstly I discovered that I have low expectations of what i believe can happen for me – too much of expecting the status quo. I discovered what my heart knew that I have too many different areas that I don’t have connected. Today I am working creatively on a new plan.”
“I just had my session with Linda, and I’m in a maze, it went so deep so fast! Thank you for the gift and the tremendous opportunity. I look forward to continuing the work!”
“I  just want to say a big thank you to Linda Welch. I had a call with her last week – and I was in a bad space at the time of the call – but she managed to get right to the core of what has been my block all along. Such clarity – I am so grateful for that Linda.”