The Evolution of my Soul

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Earlier this month I attended Robert Evans’ Full Time Messenger training.

Everyone at this event was there to learn how to take their own unique message out into the world more effectively and each speaker came at this with their own perspective.

There were so many GREAT speakers and I’ll be sharing more about what I heard throughout the rest of the year…but one speaker really stood out for me and his message was really very simple…

Neale Donald Walsch (the author of the Conversations with God series) spoke at the event through video Skype.  He was funny, touching, open and inspirational – all the qualities that many of us aspire to embrace when we speak!

He framed much of his message around this question:

“What is the purpose of sending my message?”

Neale said the reason you send your message has nothing to do with the recipient – if you think it does, you will judge the effectiveness of the message by how it was received. There is only one reason for me to do anything – to define myself. To announce, declare, express, fulfill the next grandest vision of who I am.

Ask yourself:  Does my fulfillment come from the results others experience or because of what my Soul NEEDS to give! Your message needs to come from the place of “I can’t NOT do this.”

My life is my message from morning to night. This is who I am. I am an individuation of divinity. I claim that in myself. And in claiming that in myself I see it in you. Everything I do is for the evolution of my soul.

What unique message are you here to share? Where is the evolution of your Soul taking you?

I believe in you.



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