Taking it All Off!

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Recently  I was given the opportunity to look at times in my life I’ve tried things that didn’t work out.  I came up with my list (which was a little longer than I expected!) and then got to work on the next two questions.

1. Where did I quit?

2. What commonalities were there in these experiences?

I do believe that there are times when it’s the right thing to walk away from a business, partnership or project. But what I discovered in this exercise was that there was definitely a common thread for me in everything that didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. And whether it was the right thing for me to move on from these things doesn’t really matter.

What really matters is that in each and every one of them, the key reason they didn’t work out was because I was afraid to be seen.

Afraid to show who I really am.

Afraid to be authentically me because it wouldn’t be good enough.

Afraid to show up fully and risk rejection.

Afraid to say what I thought.

I used the fear of being seen to stop myself.

More than once!

As I’ve transitioned into my full time coaching and speaking business this year, I’ve made a commitment to be seen – to show up authentically as me.  I know I will be the best speaker and coach I can be when I’m showing up 100% as me.

So what’s your thing?  As you look back at the places in your life where something didn’t work out or something you considered a failure (more on failure in another post!) – where did you quit? And are there commonalities among the events that come to mind?

I believe in you. Be brave – admit to yourself the places where you stop – that keep you from showing up as your magnificent self!!







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