Stepping Up

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I’ve been doing a lot of work since my last post on further defining who I am and what I do. It’s become clear to me that one of the things I do for people is help them “step up” and into their greatness.

I’m not the person clients, friends or family call if they only want to hear “there, there!” Sure, I listen and empathize with whatever’s going on, but people call me when they want me to listen for where they’re holding themselves back from being who they are called to be in the world. They call me when they want help to “step up” and into their greatness.

I don’t believe any of us are called to be complainers and whiners or to be encouraged to wallow in our misery. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in fully feeling our emotions and looking at what we can learn from every situation. And then I believe in “stepping up!”

Sometimes that means letting go of toxic people or jobs. Sometimes it means letting go of judgment, fear and playing “small.”

I believe that I get opportunities EVERY DAY to step up. The great lesson I learned this year is that “stepping up” doesn’t always require action on my part. I’ve accomplished so much in my life by powering through challenges – to the point where I’ve exhausted myself – body and soul! Now I know that sometimes “stepping up” into who I’m called to be requires that I “allow” more and “power through” less. “Stepping up” sometimes means saying no to projects, opportunities and people who drain me more than they feed me.

What would it mean for you to “step up” and into your greatness? What would you have to let go and what would you have to embrace?

I believe in you.

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