Someone needs me…

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This post is for my entrepreneur and commission based sales friends…

I used to have a really hard time asking for business. Don’t get me wrong…that didn’t stop me from being successful in several businesses but I wonder how much MORE successful I could have been if I had known then what I know now.

THEN, I knew I was good at selling houses. I knew I was good at training real estate agents. I knew I was good at “problem solving” consulting for non profit organizations and large teams. I knew I was good at coaching teenagers, parents, speakers and trainers. But when it came time to “ask for the business” I often became immobilized.

THEN, I worried what people would think if I asked them to list their home with me. I worried that people would think me too “salesy” if I offered my services. I worried that people would judge me. I cared so much about what they thought about me that it held me back from offering to help people who really needed me!

NOW I know I am good enough. That whatever someone thinks of me is their business not mine. That it is my responsibility/my calling to offer my gifts to other people. NOW I know that I am worthy.

NOW I know that someone out there needs what I have to offer and it’s my job to find them.

So every morning I wake up and think…

“someone needs me today. How will I find them?”

And then I take action.

It’s changed everything for me.  I have a note on my computer left over from the transitional days from THEN to NOW that says:

“What would the ‘good enough, I don’t care what people think’ Linda do?”

I leave it there for the times any little bit of self doubt creeps in and threatens to hold me back from what I KNOW I’m here to do.

Someone needs you today. What are you going to do to find them?

I believe in you.



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