My Lot in Life

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Several of my coaching clients have told me that they have been hearing this from some of their prospective clients.

“I’d like things to be different, but I believe this is just my lot in life.”

“I wish I could work with you, but it’s just not meant to be. It’s just the cards I’ve been dealt in this life.”

“I can’t do your program. My husband would kill me if he knew I was even thinking of spending that much money on a coach.”

What I know is that when those things are showing up in our businesses…they’re usually showing up somewhere inside of us as well…

Where in your life are you feeling like you’re a victim of your circumstance?

You might not word it that strongly…

Where in your life do you feel like you are not worthy – that if God meant for your life to be better…it already would be?!

Where are you feeling like you’re experiencing your “lot in life?”

About 10 years ago, my Mom moved across the country to live with me for the last year of her life.  I learned so much from her in that year – but possibly the most important thing was when she looked at me struggling with a relationship and said, “Linda, God didn’t intend for you to be miserable. If you’re not happy, do what you need to do!”

Now, you have to understand my Mom really wasn’t like that most of my life.  She felt you had to stick things out, that EVERYONE else’s needs came before yours, that you couldn’t do something just because YOU wanted to – that the worst thing you could be was selfish. We never talked about being happy. You just had your “lot in life” and you made the best of it.

What a gift my Mom gave me with that one statement.  I have thought of it often over the years and slowly tested out what it means to be truly happy, what it means to live my life in a way that means my needs are supposed to get met first – that only through meeting my own needs can I fully give to others.

What would your life look like if you truly stepped into whatever makes you happy?

What would your life look like if you stepped into the fullest expression of who you really are? If you stopped holding back. If you stopped blaming your circumstance, your lot in life, your spouse or whatever.

Remember my Mom’s words – “God didn’t intend for you to be miserable!”

What DOES God intend for you?



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