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One of the keys to a successful business (and personal life as well!) is building momentum…and building it in the direction you want to go!

Stop for a minute. Right now.  Take a deep breath and feel where you are. Notice whether you’ve been breathing deeply or shallowly… Notice what you feel in your body. Notice whether your mind is racing. Pay attention to your thoughts.

You are building momentum in a direction – is it where you want to go?

Momentum isn’t just toward positive outcomes.  It’s just as easy to create momentum in a direction we DON’T want to go.

So…take a minute several times throughout your day and ask yourself if the thoughts you’re thinking and the actions you’re taking are leading you to create momentum in the direction you want to go.

If not, stop…take corrective action and get going in the direction you want!

I believe in you!


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