Lightening and Deepening

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I had a lovely conversation with a new friend last week and I was struck by the experience of both lightening and deepening I had with her.

The lightening came partly from the laughter as we shared some of our life stories.  And partly from me deciding to just show up as myself…and not worry about whether certain topics were off limits or too early or too vulnerable.

I decided to just bring my authentic self to the table and see what happened. I want to live my life from this place and I’m just going to “bring it” from now on.

Because what followed the lightening was the deepening. As I relaxed and let go of expectations and rules about what was OK to share with someone new and any attachment I had to any particular outcomes, the conversation got deeper.

And then there was this beautiful dance of lightening and deepening and I found myself opening my heart in new ways. To just be present in the moment without attachment is such a tricky thing in our culture.  So many messages telling us we should feel one way or another or BE one way or another.

For an evening I made the choice to just BE with what is…to be in the moment without expectation and attachment. I want to continue to create my life this way. I want to consciously choose moment by moment to simply BE with what is.

I consciously choose to open my heart. I am willing to go lighter and deeper.

How about you? Where are you willing to go lighter and deeper?


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