Is What You're Tolerating Holding You Back?

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Have you ever thought about what you tolerate in your life? And how it might be holding you back?

Do you tolerate disrespect from anyone in your life (including yourself!)?

Do you tolerate low expectations of yourself or others?

Do you tolerate relationships that drain you?

Do you tolerate making less money than you want?

When this concept of “tolerations” was first introduced to me, I really didn’t like it! I didn’t want to look at my relationships, my expectations, my way of being in the world and examine what I loved about my life and what I was merely tolerating…But I have to tell you there was incredible power in realizing what I had been tolerating and what it was costing me.

Just like not identifying a “Big Dream,” (see previous Blog post on this one!) many people don’t want to look at what they’re tolerating in their lives because they’re afraid they’ll have to take some uncomfortable action. And once again, I want to tell you the power is in simply identifying it – allowing yourself to see it. You don’t have to do anything about it if you don’t want to.

But noticing what “tolerating” costs you is incredibly powerful. For me the cost was in how I showed up in the world. I held back. I operated at a lower energy level than was natural for me. I kept myself from being the leader in my life I knew I was meant to be. My business didn’t grow to the level I wanted. I played small and safe. I felt lonely and isolated.

I didn’t have to change anything about these tolerations right away to see big results. First, I simply acknowledged they were there. Then, when I was ready, I could decide which ones needed to change. But I have to say the power was in just noticing what wasn’t where I wanted it to be in my life. The power was in being honest about how I was showing up in the world and what I was attracting into my life. First I had to acknowledge where I was…before I could decide how to get to where I wanted to be!

I believe in you! What are you tolerating that’s holding you back??


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