Intention Creates Reality…What’s Yours?

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I got this question from Max Simon’s Enlightened Entrepreneur Event…

I love the reminder that we create our reality with our intentions.  For that event, mine were:

To Follow Spirit’s Direction

To Deepen my Commitment to Success

To Meet People Who Make the Journey More Fun!

And as I look at them now, a few weeks after the event ended, I know that they are still my primary intentions.

For me, to follow the guidance or direction of Spirit 24/7 is my goal.  I’m not there 100% of the time yet…but it IS my intention, so it WILL become my reality!

To deepen my commitment to success is true for me in all areas of my life – to be a better coach, to be a more connected friend, to be a more loving partner, mother, sister, aunt, cousin…all of these fall under my commitment to success.  It’s so easy to feel discouraged when things don’t go the way I plan or hope.  By focusing on my commitment to success, I’m able to more easily release mistakes, words I can’t take back, times I’m not giving at 100%. Why is that?  Because the focus is on the commitment to success – not on being perfect!  As long as I am moving in the direction I intend, I know that I am successful!

To meet people who make the journey more fun…I take this one VERY seriously! I feel very blessed to have some amazing people in my life – family, friends, business associates. However…there is ALWAYS room for people who make the journey more fun!

What is your intention for this week? Month? Quarter? Year? Lifetime???

It’s time to make your intention your reality.

I believe in you!




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