Do the Hard Things First…Or Should You?

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Like many of you, I’ve been coached (and I’ve coached others!) to “do the hard things first!” You know the hard things I’m talking about – those things that challenge you – that get you out of your comfort zone! Whether it’s phone calls to past or current clients you think are going to be challenging, or asking someone who plays in a bigger league than you if they would do a Joint Venture with you, or writing that next article or blog post!

Well, I think I’m about to “change my tune!” I was thinking about how hard it is to get going on something that doesn’t make me “feel good.” And how easy it is to do something that makes me feel great! So I decided to try a little experiment and I’ve been absolutely thrilled with the results!!

My new philosophy and the one I’m going to use with all my coaching clients is this: BEFORE you do that thing you think is “hard,” (that task you put off for as long as you absolutely possibly can!), do something that makes you feel GREAT – like you can conquer the world! And then IMMEDIATELY do the thing you thought would be “hard.”

Most of you know that the anticipation of the “thing” is always far worse than actually doing it! Doing something that makes me feel great and then immediately launching into the thing that’s challenging has made me 100x more productive – because I’m not wasting time with avoidance activities!

Give it a try…

Oh – you also might want to consider this – make a list of all the things that make you feel good and post it where you work. My list includes sort of silly things – like I love having a full tank of gas in my car – makes me feel like I can go anywhere! And I LOVE going through the car wash…don’t ask me why – I have no idea, I just know it makes me feel good. And there are certain stores where I love wandering the aisles (I don’t even have to buy anything!) – it just makes me feel good. Anytime I feel “off” and want to get back on track quickly – I do one or more things on that list and it’s like magic. I feel good again! I just can’t help myself!

The new list I’m creating after this experiment in NOT doing the hard things first will be business tasks that make me feel GREAT – like I can do anything! What makes you feel great? And what could you do if your entire day was spent in that energy???

I believe in you!


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