Clinging to Safety

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Sometimes we KNOW it’s time to move away from something that isn’t the right fit for us any more… yet we cling to it because it feels safe.
And yet when we cling to safety, we don’t allow any space for something better to come into our lives.
Recently I had to let go of a client before I was ready… I knew I could still serve them. I knew I could still help them make more money and have more impact. And yet, I knew it didn’t feel right any more.  That it was time to let go and move on.  It was hard! I really cared about them and their business… but it was time to say goodbye.
I was clinging to the safety of keeping this client, while my heart was longing to work with people more aligned with my personal and work values.
So I did a really crazy, scary thing.  I let them go without having a replacement. I let them go without judging how they wanted to do business. I let them go knowing what really mattered was who I want to be and how I want to serve my clients.  I let them go with love… and, yes,  a little fear for what was next!
This was a BIG client… so the decision wasn’t easy…But I could see that clinging to safety was killing me… making me feel contracted and small where I usually feel expansive!
I let that client go and within weeks, three new, BIGGER, MORE IDEAL clients stepped into my life.
If I hadn’t been willing to let go of the death grip I had on feeling safe, this wouldn’t have happened.
Where are you clinging to safety?
I truly believe in the law that states that you have to let go of something of a lower nature, in order to receive something of a higher nature.
What isn’t serving you that you are clinging to… just because it feels safe?  What are you missing out on by not opening yourself to something even better?
I believe in you.