Clearing the Way for a New Way of Being

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The end of 2010 is almost upon us!  As I’ve worked on my own preparations for 2011 business and life planning, and in the work I’ve done with my clients on creating their vision for the upcoming year, I realized that there is an important part of goal setting that’s missing for most people. And I believe it’s why many goals and resolutions aren’t met for many people.

Before we can begin to think about setting goals for a new year, we need to take time to reflect on the old year and clear out anything that’s holding us back from being our best and brightest!

Here’s Key #1 of the 5 keys to Clearing the Way for a New Way of Being.

1. Tell the truth about what is true for you right now.

Not what you want other people to think of you. Not what you wish were true. Not what you hope will be true next year. What is really true right now? To get the answer to that question, ask yourself the following two questions!

Where were you your BEST YOU in 2010?

As a parent? An employee? A community member? In your family? Your spiritual home? For yourself?

When you look back on 2010, where do you say, “Oh yeah, that’s it – that’s definitely where I was my best me!!” (You can list many places where you showed up as your best you – fill up a whole page if you can!)

Next, Where did you disappoint yourself in 2010?

This isn’t about your parents, your kids, your boss or your spouse…for some of us, focusing on others disappointment in us could keep us busy all day! For others, we might have nothing to write about because we do such a good job of spending  ALL of our time pleasing others!

There’s no judgment here – simply pay attention to where you WEREN’T your Best You!

Key #2 comes tomorrow…it has to do with forgiveness, but it might not be what you think!

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