Clearing the Way for a New Way of Being Key #5

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Key #5: Choose Differently – Release Your Limiting Story

What “story” in your life is holding you back from having, being or doing something you really want?

Where do you find yourself saying – “Yes, but you don’t understand! My situation is different! That won’t work for me!”

Where do you find yourself saying – “I made different choices 20 years ago and now I’m stuck in this (fill in the blank – job, marriage, house, town, etc.).”

Where do you find yourself feeling jealous of someone who has made different choices?

Where do you find yourself responding “I can’t because…”

Then take a look at who you will disappoint if you make different choices. Who will care if you stop showing up as a People Pleaser? How will your family of origin feel if you give up your role as the Peacemaker? What would happen if you no longer took the responsibility to put dinner on the table every night?

Make an effort to determine whether your choices are coming from who you are today…or who you were when you made them. You don’t have to do anything about it – just notice and decide if you want to continue making your choices in the same way!

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