Clearing the Way for a New Way of Being Key #2

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Key #2: Forgive yourself for the places you disappointed yourself.

Most people’s “go to” place when I ask them to identify the places they’ve disappointed themselves in 2010 is to immediately figure out how to “fix it!”  “How can I do this better in 2011?” is NOT the first place to go after looking at where you’ve disappointed yourself.

Instead, I suggest the first place needs to be forgiving yourself.

Weren’t SuperMom or Dad to your family? Forgive yourself for not being perfect.

Didn’t lose the 20 pounds you resolved to in your New Year’s resolutions? Forgive yourself for not getting to the root of why you’re so attached to those pounds.

Income not where you hoped for it to be? Forgive yourself for not creating a plan (and recreating it!) that worked for you.

Take some quiet time to write, paint, meditate – whatever works for you – and just allow your feelings of disappointment and forgiveness to surface. No judgment on any of your feelings! Just allow yourself to feel your feelings! Only by feeling what is and letting go of your judgments about them will allow you to move on to create a new year. Stuff those feelings away – your guilt, your disappointment, your anger – and I GUARANTEE they will be back in some way to keep you from being who you really want to be in the world.

Tomorrow: Key #3: Identify who or what you are using as an excuse for not being happy or feeling fulfilled.

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