Step Into Your Greatness – 100 Day Plan

Day 1:

Begin your day, every day, for the next 100 days asking yourself this question:

“What can I do today to live my life the way God/Source/Spirit intends for me to live?”

In each encounter, with each decision and every choice…

If I am living as the greatest version of myself, how shall I handle what’s happening?

Who am I BE-ing?

Day 2:

Today…be conscious of how you are “showing up” in your life.

How are you showing up for you?

Your family?


The service people who get your car in the parking lot, the waitress who brings you lunch, the cashier at the grocery store?

Be conscious today…and show up as the best possible version of you for today…

Day 3 

Just for today, practice being open. If you have a reaction to something someone says or does…or an event that happens…just remain open and look inside to see what is being triggered.

It is so easy to let our hearts close when we get triggered….

So just for today, practice keeping your heart open and see how you feel

Day 4

Today is a “feel good” day.  Bring that thought to your experiences today. As you go through your day, choose to feel good. If something challenging occurs, allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling and then choose a new “feel good” feeling. Each feeling just a little bit better than the last…

I keep a list of things that make me feel good by my desk.  Little things like a full tank of gas, going through the car wash, wandering around a favorite store. What are the little things that make you feel good?  Make your own list so that you have some ideas next time you need help feeling better!

Day 5

Time for a stretch today!

You know how it looks when a cat really gets a big, long stretch going?

And how good it feels when you really stretch your own body when it’s been feeling tight?

Today, find a way to stretch yourself…physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Just a simple stretch – of your body, your mind, your belief systems, your Spirit.

Sometimes we hold on so tightly to ways of do-ing and be-ing that we get stuck and don’t even realize it.

And often, it’s just that simple, intentional stretch that moves us along.

Let’s stretch!

Day 6

It’s rare for most people these days to really think about their values in a conscious way.

Today, think about what is true for you. What are your values?

Take out a piece of paper and write down your top 5 values.

Think about them throughout the day.

See if they deeply resonate with you.

Then look at your life and ask yourself if your life is a reflection of those top 5 values.

Adjust where needed!

Day 7

A day for reflection. What came up for you this past week?  How do you feel about where you continue to hold yourself back and where you are stepping up?

Rest. Reflect. Rejuvenate!

Day 8

You’ll need your journal or some paper for this one…really, use a pen or a pencil and some real paper!

Write 20 I AM statements…

Dig deep into your soul…to who you know you really are. Touch the place of inner knowing, connection to Source.


I AM a powerful creator.

I AM a loving mother.

I AM living my life as the fullest creative expression God intends for me.

You get the idea.

Write 20 I AM statements…and then read them every morning and evening for the next week (and any time you feel challenged during the day!)

Day 9

What are you tolerating in your life?

Are there people, things, living spaces that are taking energy away from you?

Today, pick one toleration that you will clean up.

An unfinished disagreement with a friend or family member.

A dirty car.

A cluttered office.

A messy cabinet or drawer.

Just one thing. Face it and clean it up!

Day 10

What do you want MORE of in your life?

Quality time with someone you love?

Fresh flowers?



Time alone?


Pick one thing for today and get MORE!

Day 11

Take inventory!

Today, take inventory on your body.

What do you like?

What needs attention?

How does your body like the way you are feeding it?

What would bring your body pleasure today?

Pick one way to love your body today.

Day 12

Another inventory day…

Take inventory on your relationships.

Who gets most of your attention?

Who do you want to make more or less of a focus?

Where do you experience the most love and acceptance?

Who helps you step more into your greatest vision of yourself?

Who triggers you the most?

Make one decision today regarding your relationships – plan to spend time with someone you love…or minimize plans with the people who make you feel small.

Day 13

What do you want?

Take time today to start making a list of what you really want – it can be stuff or an attitude or a relationship or an event…

Focus on what you really, really want and look at whether your life is in alignment with what you want.